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Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Riu Hotels After Child Died After Having An Allergic Reaction To Shellfish

Estate of Minor Child Who Died From An Alleged Fatal Allergic Reaction After She Consumed Food Prepared With Shellfish Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Complaint Against Riu Hotels.

A Florida wrongful death lawsuit complaint has been filed against Holding Riu Hotels, Inc.; Riusa II S.A.; Riu Acquisitions, Inc.; Riu Marketing U.S.A., L.L.C.; Riutel Beach, Inc.; Clubhotel Riu Negril; Tui Ag, Holding; Riutel Florida, Inc.; Riutel Orlando, Inc. (Collectively “Riu Hotels”) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (styled Karen Adkinson-Gilliam as personal representative of the Estate of Kaleena Gilliam v. Holding Riu Hotels, Inc. et al, Wrongful Death Case No. 1:12-cv-22487-RSR), alleging, among other things, that on July 9, 2010, while staying at the Defendant’s ClubHotel Riu Negril in Jamaica, Kaleena Gilliam died from a fatal allergic reaction because she unknowingly consumed a dish prepared with shellfish after a restaurant employee assured her the dish did not contain shellfish, according to the shellfish allergy wrongful death lawsuit complaint.

The Florida shellfish food allergy wrongful death lawsuit complaint reportedly asserts claims for alleged negligence resulting in wrongful death and vicarious liability or respondeat superior.

The Florida shellfish food allergy wrongful death lawsuit complaint reportedly seeks damages for alleged pain and suffering of the Decedent prior to death, pain and suffering of the survivors, beneficiaries and heirs of Decedent, lost society, companionship, guidance and services of the Decedent to the survivors, beneficiaries and heirs, loss of future value of support and services / support in money or in kind,  lost net accumulations, lost value of life and funeral expenses, among other things.

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