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Garbage Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit Complaint Filed In New Orleans, Louisiana

Jefferson Parish Residents Whose Vehicle Was Allegedly Rear-Ended By Garbage Truck File Personal Injury Lawsuit Complaint Against Employers Of Garbage Truck Driver In Car Accident.

A personal injury lawsuit has been filed against Arch Insurance Co., IESI LA Corp. and IESI LA Landfill Corp. (collectively “Defendants”) in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans), alleging that Arch and IESI negligently and carelessly failed to select, train and supervise an employee whose garbage truck allegedly crashed into and rear-ended the plaintiffs’ 2001 Chevrolet truck, purportedly causing, among other things, pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, loss of use of vehicle, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of use and function of parts of body, loss of income and earning capacity and disability from engaging in recreation, according to a personal injury lawsuit news report.

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