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Nestle Seeks To Dismiss Lean Cuisine Personal Injury Lawsuit Over Alleged Bone Fragments

Nestle Files Motion To Dismiss Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Nestle In Illinois Over  Alleged Bone Fragment In Lean Cuisine.

Nestle (“Nestle” or “Defendant”) has moved to dismiss a personal injury lawsuit pending against Nestle in St. Clair County Circuit Court in Illinois (Civil Action Case No. 10-L-267) alleging, among other things, that plaintiff injured her tooth on a piece of bone when she ate a Nestle Lean Cuisine Hunan Stir Fry with Beef dinner that contained a bone fragment and that Nestle was allegedly negligent in failing to properly design the dinner, inspect it and warn customers that bone fragments could be present in the Lean Cuisine dish, according to a personal injury lawsuit news report.

Nestle’s motion to dismiss the personal injury lawsuit reportedly asserts that the personal injury lawsuit fails to plead clear facts and that it is unclear what negligence claims are being pursued against Nestle.

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