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Stove That Tipped Over And Crushed 2 Year Old Boy Leads To Wrongful Death Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Landlord

Parents of Child Killed From Falling Stove File Personal Injury Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Landlord Oak Tree Apartments.

A wrongful death personal injury lawsuit has been filed against Oak Tree Apartments (“Oak Tree Apartments” or “Landlord” or “Defendant”) in St. Louis County Circuit Court on behalf of the parents of a St. Louis Missouri boy who died after a kitchen stove tipped over and crushed him, alleging, among other things, that Oak Tree should have secured the kitchen stove appliance with brackets, according to a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit news report.

For more information on kitchen stove and oven range tipping injuries and anti-tip devices and other safety devices, visit the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers AHAM’s Protect Against Range Tipping website.

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