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Walt Disney World San Diego California Personal Injury Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over Alleged Hot Nacho Cheese Burn Injuries

San Diego California Family Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Complaint Against Walt Disney World Over Alleged Burn Injuries Suffered By 4 Year Old Son Who Was Allegedly Burned From Hot Nacho Cheese At Disney World’s Orlando’s Magic Kingdom.

A personal injury lawsuit has been filed in San Diego, California federal court against Walt Disney World by the family of a 4 year old boy whose face and upper lips were allegedly burned by hot nacho cheese sauce on a March 17 trip to Disney World, according to a Walt Disney World San Diego, California personal injury lawsuit news report.

The Walt Disney World San Diego, California personal injury lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges that Disney failed to regulate and monitor the temperature of the nacho cheese.

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  • Loreen Toliver February 21, 2011, 12:55 pm

    This is ridiculous why wait so long to file a suit for a injury of a child.
    A true claim would not have taken that long to file. These parents and attorney think that it was so long ago that they would get a settlement. take it to court the burden of proof is on them. They would have to provide medical records and the dates should coincide. The economy is so bad people will try anything. To use a child is really sad. The parents of this child should be ashamed of themselves to put their child through that pain. The child should have burns on more than his face unless he is an exceptional child and never spills anything on himself. The question is what is there financial situation? Everybody turns when a child is screaming.

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