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Creal-O Pesticide Diazinon Toxic Tort Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Apartment Complex Receives $23.5 Million Jury Award

New Albany Family Wins $23.5 Million Jury Verdict In Toxic Tort Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Prestwick Square Apartment Complex Over Alleged Exposure To Creal-O Diazinon Pesticides.

A New Albany Indiana family has won a jury award of $23.5 million dollars in a personal injury toxic tort lawsuit in Floyd County, Indiana against the operators of the Prestwick Square apartment complex, alleging that the family’s two children were exposed to Creal-O, a chemical based on the pesticide Diazinon that was banned by the Environment Protection Agency EPA from residential use in 2004 that purportedly caused the children to suffer seizures and other neurological problems, according to a personal injury toxic tort lawsuit news report.

The creal-o diazinon pesticide toxic tort personal injury lawsuit reportedly alleged that although the creal-o diazinon pesticide was legal for residential use in the 1990s, more was purportedly applied than should have been applied, and the pesticides were purportedly applied in a careless manner on baseboards, carpeting and wall coverings rather than a crack and crevice application. 

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