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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against McDonald’s Over Alleged Injuries Suffered By Child Who Fell From McDonald’s Playplace Slide Seeks $1.5 Million In Compensatory Damages

Family Of Child Who Suffered Fractured Femur & Hip Injuries After Falling From Slide At McDonald’s Playplace File Personal Injury Lawsuit Complaint Against Owners of Alcoa Tennessee McDonalds Restaurant Seeking $1.5 Million in Compensatory Damages.

A personal injury lawsuit has been filed in Blount County Circuit Court in Tennessee against Cochran Seymour Inc., the owners of a McDonalds restaurant in Alcoa, Tennessee (“McDonalds” or “Defendant”) by the family of a child who allegedly fell off of a slide at McDonald’s playplace and suffered personal injuries, including a fractured femur causing him to spend several days hospitalized and a prolonged limp due to difficulty realigning his hip, according to a personal injury lawsuit news report.

The McDonald’s playplace slide personal injury lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges negligence and asserts that the slide was in a dangerous condition.

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  • Christie Dodds July 21, 2013, 6:51 pm

    My daughter, who is now twenty, was eight years old and playing on the older model playground with the ball pit and the tables inside the playground area. She tripped over the loose tile and fell and tried to grab the poles that hold the canopy top to catch her fall. She hit her upper left forehead as she slid straight down and hit her head again on the base of the pole on the bolts.

    I had a man who’s children was playing to grab my daughter up and rush her through the restaurant as her head begin to swell and turn blue. I took her directly to the hospital and she had an overnight stay with a concussion. For six months she carried a cyst that formed under her skin between her skull and when it began to change shape and move toward her temple the Dr. sent her to a surgeon and she had to get the cyst out through surgery. For six months she was teased and in pain because of the injury and now she had even more pain to go through.

    I went back to McDonald’s and filled out all the paperwork to report the injury. I chose a bad lawyer and then four years later asked a family lawyer to please get them to pay the medical bills so that I would stop being harassed by the hospital collectors. I had Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance who REFUSED to pay because a third party was required to pay which was McDonald’s Restaurant. I have records. Eight years later Attorney Phil Perkins in Thomasville Alabama, where the incident occurred, got the restaurant to pay for the medical expenses. HE TOLD ME WHEN MY LIMITATIONS WERE UP BUT IF MY DAUGHTER WOULD LIKE TO SUE THE RESTAURANT WHEN SHE IS OF LEGAL AGE SHE CAN.

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