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Garage Door Serviceman Awarded $4.16 Million After Suffering Fractured Femur Injury In A Work Related Accident In Elmhurst, Illinois

Dupage County Illinois Jury Awards $4.16 Million to Garage Door Serviceman Whose Femur (Thigh Bone) Was Fractured While Repairing A Broken Garage Door Spring At An Elmhurst Illinois Public Works Garage.

A jury in Dupage County Illinois has reportedly awarded more than Four Million dollars to a garage door serviceman who fell 16 feet to the ground from a city forklift and personnel platform and landed on concrete floor while trying to repair a a garage door spring at an Elmhurst Illinois public works garage and injured his back and a suffered a right femur fracture, according to a Dupage County Illinois Garage Door personal injury lawsuit jury verdict news report.

The jury reportedly awarded $1.86 million for future lost earnings, $1.3 million for future pain and suffering and $1 million for loss of normal life to the plaintiff injured in the Dupage County Illinois Garage Door personal injury lawsuit.

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